Clay Kit 3.0 3L Tank

Clay Kit 3.0 3L Tank

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WASP's Clay Kit 3.0 Add On turns your FDM printer, into a hybrid printer with LDM printing capabilities.

Standard Configuration includes ‍LDM Extruder, 1.2mm & 2mm nozzle diameters, 3L Tank, Tank Stand, WASP Gauge, Teflon Tubing, Nylon Tubing, 25 lbs Porcelain, Manual, SD Card.

Air Compressor is necessary for WASP LDM Printing but not included in Clay Kit Add On. Compatible with all air compressors with a minimum of 8 Bar.

Only compatible with the following printers:

‍Delta WASP 2040 Pro

Delta WASP 2040 Clay

Delta WASP 4070 Pro

Delta WASP 40100 Clay

Delta WASP 60100 Pro

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