WASP 2040 PRO Hybrid

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Accurate and reliable with all materials, WASP's Suspended Bowden driver for Spitfire Extruder makes printing faster and minimizes the weight on the mobile crew. Easily switch to your LDM (liquid deposition modeling) Extruder for printing ceramic materials! Resurrection and Free Zeta System allow you to continue your print from its last location should your printer lose power. Extend your warranty and add a support package for training, design/slicing consultation, and more.

NOTE: Air Compressor necessary but not included. Suitable with any air compressor with minimum 8 Bar.


WASP Support Packages

Level 1 Support Package
  • 3 hours of live video support sessions
Level 2 Support Package
  • 8 hours of live video support sessions
Level 3 Support Package
  • 16 hours of live video support sessions
Level 3 Support Package & Extended Warranty
  • 16 hours of live video support sessions, $100 in spare parts, & round trip shipping if needed to repair the machine within 2 years


*Extended Warranty also available separately if you want to renew or add a warranty to other levels of support*

STANDARD CONFIGURATION: WASP Red Spitfire Extruder, LT Cartridge, 0.4mm nozzle diameter LDM 3.0 Extruder

Technical Details:

Print Volume: 200 x H 400 mmLayer Height Min: 50 micron Print Speed Max: 500 mm/s

Movement Speed Max: 800 mm/sAcceleration: 15,000 mm/s2

Heated Bed Temp Max: 110 C°



49cm x 44cm x 87cm

Machine Weight:

Printer alone: 25 kg

Printer with Clay Kit:

Shipping Dimensions:

Box 1: Printer: 50cm x 58cm x 101cm

Box 2: Clay Kit: 50cm x 26cm x 28cm

Shipping Weight:

Box 1: Printer: 30 kg

Box 2: Clay Kit: 15 kg



WASP Spitfire Red Extruder

Nozzle Diameters: 0.4mm Standard, 0.7mm, 1.2mm available

Cartridge: LT Standard, HT available

Usable Filament: 1.75 mm

Materials: PLA, PETG, ABS, PA Carbon

WASP LDM 3.0 Extruder

Nozzle Diameters: Screw: LDM 3.0 Screw

Materials: Porcelain, Clay, Stoneware, Earthenware, Gres, Ceramic Materials

NOTE: Air Compressor necessary but not included. Suitable with any air compressor with minimum 8 Bar.


Technical Innovation


Suspended Bowden: This makes it possible to unload the inertia on the suspension bands and exponentially improve the quality and speed of printing.

Resurrection System: The system resumes interrupted prints in case of accidental shutdown or sudden power failure.

Free Zeta System: Measures the height of your print where the printing stopped to restart from this height.

LDM Tank: 3L Tank for LDM Materials. Certified to 40 Bar. Safety release valve at 7 Bar.

MECHANICS: Frame & Cover: Aluminum, Polycarbonate, PMMA

Printing Surface: Ground Aluminum Wheel, additional wooden bed for LDM printing Movements: Nylon on anodized aluminum profiles - TPU belts with stainless steel core resistant to high temperatures


Stepper LDM Extruder Motor: High-Couple Stepper

Logistical Information

SOFTWARE: Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux

Slicing Softwares: compatible with all slicing software

File Type: .stl, .obj, .gcode‍


SUPPLY:Input: 110V, 50/60HzAbsorbed Power: ‍WASP Spitfire Red Extruder: 60W max LDM 2.0 Extruder:


The environment of use: 68-86F

Warehouse: 32-86F

INCLUDED: Delta WASP 2040 Pro, 3D Printer Red Spitfire Extruder, LT Cartridge, 0.4mm nozzle diameter, LDM 3.0 Extruder, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm nozzle diameters, Aluminum 3L Tank Stand for tank, Wooden build plate for LDM, Teflon Connecting Tube, Nylon Connecting Tube, 25 lbs Porcelain, SD Card with files and configurations, Manual Gauge

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